accross services

Our customers continually need to respond to a rapidly changing digital world and an economy that demands efficiency. The pace and scale of change can be overwhelming.

They have choices. Increasingly they are seeking innovative ways to steer them through to success. Outsourcing with the right people who offer the innovation and flexibility they need is proving to be the way forward.

accross business has responded with a growing portfolio of packaged and ad hoc services and cloud solutions to meet the challenge. accross business offers a seamless mix of in house and partnered solutions specifically targeted to lower costs and enhance efficiency.

Our select team work with our customers across the following areas.



A mix of traditional tools and cloud technology designed to make the complex simple. We help our customers to address the why, the where and the when, Strategy without execution is limiting. Our customers achieve successful outcomes.


Picking the right time to adopt the most suitable business structure is difficult. A low cost review and advice from the right quarter will make it easy to move to the right structure at the right time. Your assets are protected. 

cost management

Much of our decision making in business has a cost. Our customers learn to understand how costs and profit are related, and that their is a difference between cost management, cost control and cost cutting.

bookkeeping and payroll

We will show you ways to save at least 20% on your current bookkeeping and payroll processes and offer you an even better outcome. Up to date systems, trained operators and experienced supervisors work faster and do it better.

business administration

 A comprehensive service that fits your business. People who understand what to do and do it. From compliance to negotiations  we save you money. Your team of professionals at accross business has what it takes.

marketing and communications

Invest in your marketing - everyday. Bring people to your door. Smart business understands how their brand is built by effectively communicating with their staff and their target audience in ways that are easy to understand.

graphics and design

When you look good, you attract interest. Our talented team will have you looking your best in no time. Whether it is your website, signage, exhibition, advertising or business cards. We will save you cash and improve your income.

workflow management

With too many staff, it can be impossible to keep track of their movements. It can hold you back. Our systems will have you on top of their activities in a hurry and on you way to a better business and a better lifestyle.

cloud solutions

Big choices, but what works? We will strive to understand your business, how it works and what you hope to achieve. Our understanding of what is out there and how it integrates will make you leaner, meaner and save you cash.