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When they get it right

What happens when you get it wrong?

Let's face it, nobody is perfect. Mistakes happen. Things get missed. Customers get annoyed.

Would it surprise you to know most people are forgiving and most people will make allowances?

Cat Skinner can attest to this. Not because he always makes mistakes, but more because he deals with suppliers every day. Has done for years. His experiences are no different to yours in many respects. It's what happens next, and it can be managed.

A couple of months ago, Cat Skinner left his beloved 12-year-old Subaru Liberty GT in the hands of a dealership to have some hard to get at oil seals replaced. Not unusual for any car with near to 300000Km on the clock.

"This time, they didn't just accept responsibility. They took responsibility."

The car was returned and parked at home while Cat Skinner went on holiday. On his return, it was apparent one of the seals was still leaking. Back to the dealer. Cat Skinner wasn’t particularly happy.

The seal in question was again replaced. This time at no cost. No argument. They volunteered without batting an eyelid.

They accepted responsibility. It was what happened next that really impressed.

While under the car the technician (mechanic) noticed another leak. One which hadn’t been seen the first time around. They needed a part which wasn’t in stock and the car would have to come back. Then there was the question of cost. It was a new issue and Cat Skinner was going to have to pay. Not happy. “Why wasn’t it done when they had the car to remedy all the engine leaks?”

This time, they didn’t “accept responsibility". THEY TOOK RESPONSIBILITY.

Job done. They paid the labour, Cat Skinner paid for the part.

What then can we take out of this?

Things happen. Nobody is perfect. It is what happens next that determines if your relationship will survive.

Cat Skinner is still in love with his GT and as much as the dealership would love to sell him a new Levorg, they understand why they can't. The GT is just too good. Cat Skinner says "My liberty GT is still the best fun I have every day. Why would I swap it?"

There will come a time though. When the time is right, the new car just might be a Subaru Levorg GTS. Maybe the Spec B.

Kudos Capital Subaru in Fyshwick. And when Cat Skinner goes around again, theirs will be the first door he knocks.

Kieran May, Clear Thinker, Automates Business Systems, Simplifies Compliance and Skins Cats

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