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But I've already automated - I use Xero

Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll software has been around for over twenty years. And it's getting smarter.

In fact it's getting so smart, there is a very real danger the marketing hype is the prime focus of the story.

But not with  where the dangers are very well known.

Back to the point. You already use Xero or QBO, so why would you be interested in something new?

The answer lies in the experience of the last 25 years, throughout the computerisation of even the smallest of businesses. Experience shows that the uptake historically is slow, the use of the full range of features is an exception rather than the rule and often the implementation is only half done. In fact, after all this time, there are still instances where manual record keeping flourishes. And there is plenty of evidence to support the claim. In short, there is so much more to achieve.

But how did this situation arise? In many respects the answer is simple. It is also very complex.

The simple answer is, having been sold on the idea that "it is easy to use" and "you can do it yourself", self installation became all the rage. And as all tradespeople know, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. With accounting, bookkeeping and payroll, there is plenty to trap the untrained and inexperienced.

More complex is the attitude to change. Change is something everyone loves to hate, despite the knowledge that in business, as in life, nothing stays the same forever. When change is forced upon us (by Government regulation for example), there is a tendency to go with it - but only to a point. In the rush to comply, advice is taken from "someone we can trust". That might be an accountant, a software vendor or a mate down the club. There is a focus on price rather than seeing the purchase as an investment. The real costs are overlooked, as are time savings which result from the correct use of the solutions we are offered. Having made the leap, attitudes to change makes it easy to half do the job.

is on a mission to optimise your systems. You can learn a little more and arrange a free consultation here and quickly discover where improvements can be achieved.

You are paying for it. Why shouldn't you get the full benefit?

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