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At accross business your team will be exactly that; across your business. And we understand that your business is different. You, like every business owner, have your own needs and aspirations.

Your team is led by Kieran May. He is supported by a number of specialist associates who will each enhance your business with their wide ranging skills. You get clear thinking around strategy, finance and accounting, bookkeeping and payroll; communication, marketing, graphics and design; people management (HR, ER and IR); cloud, desktop or server systems automation; management and workflow, and more. Your team is certified with a range of providers but is vendor agnostic. You get only the level of support you want and need.

When you need more that just advice, we will work closely with you as we deliver.

When high level specialist advice is necessary, you will have a go to network of carefully selected referral partners to support you in areas covering taxation, business structures, agreements and contracts. accross provides you with a "one stop shop" where you can find advice and solutions to meet your specific needs, free from vendor half-truths and high-pressure sales approaches. Your team will ensure that all advice and solutions work together with minimal overlap or redundant features. You pay only for what you need and only pay for expensive advisers when it is necessary.

To be sure you save time and you save money, fixed fees are the norm.

some key people

Kieran May
Kieran May FICB, BAS Agent
Strategy, Management & Solutions

Strategic Business Adviser, Professional Bookkeeper and BAS Agent, Kieran is well qualified.

Clients benefit from the value of his clear strategic thinking, the transfer of knowledge and understanding the options.

Kieran's clients are his focus.

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Kurt Johansen
Kurt Johansen MBA
Strategic Leadership, Change & Training

Kurt is an experienced and versatile management facilitator and trainer.

He is a logical thinker and pragmatist who applies proven theories and concepts to practical business use.

Small and medium sized businesses are the big winners.

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Justin May
Justin May
Graphics, Design & Print

Justin is committed to his clients and offers a great return on their investment.

He is a well rounded graphics and design professional with runs on the board.

He has delivered his clients profitable results for over 20 years.

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Nic Crowther BA
Writing, Communication & Content

Writing in a way to catch the interest of your audience is a skill crafted over time. Like good wine, it keeps getting better.

Succinctly, Nic is all over it.

Every communication piece is created with care and flair or, where a serious tone is required, with the right professional touch.

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Neil Penman
Neil Penman
Geo Information Systems, Mobile Data

Drives technology on server and mobile platforms to aid situation assessments and management.

Neil is delivering results worldwide.

Need to add capabilities to inform customers, their customers and their suppliers in real time? The solution is here.

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