costs too high?

you will save. it's simply a matter of how much. and how soon.

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need higher income?

business development pays dividends. why miss out?

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automation not working?

have you already automated? our clients work even smarter and save more.

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unsure of suppliers?

low cost trusted systems. more efficient integrated solutions.

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want more value?

lower priced accounting, bookkeeping and compliance. delivered with a modern twist.

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advice not practical?

designed to save you more money. designed to give you even more time.

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breaking - accross is now a Wiise Certified Partner

We love Xero, QBO and MYOB. Sometimes though, we need more than accounting and a multitude of addons. We need clever business software which is designed to streamline processes and manage business complexity. Wiise is all that. and accross is well placed to deliver.

our wish for small business

We see a place where business owners can find and afford the right level of support. A place where bigger business thinking and bigger business solutions for small business is the norm. Without the bigger business cost.

The Internet has changed the way you can manage your business. It has delivered cloud services and it has delivered social media. It’s delivered efficiencies and new ways to do things. It has also delivered the opportunity to complicate many workplaces and to generate duplication, waste and unintended consequences.

It has changed the way support and solutions are delivered. The cookie-cutter, one size fits all option has been replaced by the accross business approach; listen, learn, research, recommend and deliver.

The challenge is to make it work simply for you. In every corner of your business.

We want you to do more of the things you like, without the additional cost. We want you to save time and to save money. You can decide how to spend it.

clear thinking

You make decisions every day. ClearThinkn™ with focus will help you make the right choices. Every aspect of your business is impacted and being focussed brings it all together.

Which direction for you?

systems automation

The cloud opens the door for automation and to profitably reduce costs. Selecting the right solutions, at the right time, requires a detailed understanding of the choices. Smart choices are good for business.

What does it mean for you?

simplified compliance

The burden has continued to grow. Income Tax, GST and Health and Safety are just the tip of the iceberg. It demands more and more of your time. There are solutions which will make it easier.

How will it work for you?

in a few words

do I need a strategy?

What, why, when and where is the foundation of all strategy. It starts as a simple thought and as it becomes more complex, it often gets pushed aside. When the steps to success are missing, how does an organisation live it, breath it and execute it? And if they did, how good would it be? If it were simple, would it make a difference? Innovation and Visual tools to help you develop and execute is the key. (more)

stone age to the cloud

Your customers have today and tomorrow in mind. Yesterday's tools were a revolution in their time and left a lasting impression. The tools for today and tomorrow can change the way we think about the roles within our organisations. Cloud technology lets us work from almost anywhere. It challenges the status quo, and when used effectively, can bring the costs of doing business down to earth. (more)

for the long term

Think how that applies to your business. Successful railways have survived when they have adapted to the environment in which they operate. Some still look good but have nowhere to go except backwards. Hard decisions will be made. Would survival have been more likely if they adapted early? Will you adapt now, or wait until hard decisions have to be made? How might accross business help? (more)

what others say